We model the ideal, desirable tooth shape and proportion harmoniously and in a functional analytical manner in special wax based on the specifications of the setting of the upper and lower jaw and the analytical consultation.

    This wax-up is an exceptionally important and indispensable component, particularly in misaligned teeth, problematic and non-aesthetic dental situations.

    The wax-up technique shows the method of manufacture of a viable and desirable dental image.

    WAX UP image

    We always use the wax-up to make temporary dentures or a plastic mock that show the desired anterior teeth shape, to ensure that one can have a look at one’s new anterior teeth on a trial basis.

    Corrections and changes according to personal preferences are discussed during this phase, and these are then taken into consideration during the final ceramic manufacture.

    All temporary dentures are characterized by a precise fit and a smooth surface. These features imply that they are extremely comfortable to wear.


    The manufacture of anterior and posterior teeth in ceramics is always based on the preceding consultations and preparatory work.

    Thanks to the profound experience we have gained, we are in a position to challenge every, even the most highly complex,initial situation.

    For example, different materials are used for dark, discoloured anterior teeth, distracting missing teeth or broken teeth.

    It is only thanks to our expertise that a uniform colour and satisfactory result can be attained.

    Keramik image

    Before the final manufacturing of the anterior teeth commences, we ensure that we have met the patient’s aesthetic demands and personal visual desires.

    Minor corrections in the shape and colour of the teeth can still be undertaken at this point in time.

    This ensures that the work we deliver to the dentist’s practice for the implantation appointment is not only perfect, but also exactly as desired.

    Feinabstimmung image